Join Us in Shaping Lightover: Your Path to Access

Since early 2023, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with our initial group of users in the Lightover application. As we continue on this journey, we are now thrilled to open our doors to more community members. To join us on this exciting journey and to ensure a collaborative, enriching experience, here’s how you can gain access to the Lightover application:

  1. Become a Community Member: Join our community by signing up as a member on this forum. This is your first step towards being a part of a group that’s actively shaping the future of digital memory preservation. Our community is where ideas flourish, and your input is invaluable. Don’t forget to say hello to everyone!

  2. Direct Message for Access: Once you’re a community member, please send me, Kalman, a direct message requesting access to the Lightover application. This personalized approach allows us to maintain a high-quality experience for our early users and gather valuable feedback.

Why This Approach?

Our goal is to develop the Lightover application hand-in-hand with our community. By involving you from the early stages, we ensure that Lightover not only meets but exceeds the expectations and needs of our users. Your insights, experiences, and feedback will be pivotal in crafting an application that truly resonates with our mission of preserving and sharing digital memories.

We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to helping us create something extraordinary. Welcome to the Lightover!